Meet Us

Meet Our Team

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of our practice is to provide the highest quality periodontal care to our patients, and act as a supporting team to the referring dentist.  We will guide our patients to perceive their dental needs of health, function, and esthetics by developing a future plan for their oral health.

Our commitment is to provide outstanding periodontal care for our patients, using select and proven techniques, in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Excellent care is provided by our team who views dentistry as a career, and is committed to the pursuit of continuous improvement of dental skills and knowledge.  Our team consists of people with outstanding character, enthusiasm for everyday living, and genuine compassion for people.

Our Staff

Sandra-Registered Dental Hygienist. Sandra has been an important part of our practice for 33 years and she is deeply committed to her patients. She prides herself on being very knowledgeable about periodontics. Sandra is happy to answer any questions regarding periodontal disease and its treatment. When not at work, Sandra enjoys gardening, yoga, and stained glass artwork. She is married with one daughter and two grandchildren.

Dawn Janecek Skalnik-Registered Dental Hygienist. Dawn originally began working for Dr. Carazola in 1989 and in 1997 she was fortunate enough to devote herself to fulltime motherhood. Dawn returned back to Dr. Carazola’s office in 2008.  Her outstanding dental skills and character make her an asset to the practice and her always smiling face is contagious. When not in the office, Dawn enjoys having fun with her husband and their 2 sons.

Della - Head Surgical Assistant. Della credits her previous career as a bartender in helping to calm nervous patients, while creating a relaxing and down-to-earth environment. She has been a valued member of our team for 4 years, with 28 years experience in the field.  A big thrift store, yard sale, and flea market shopper,  Della likes to restore items she finds and re-sell them. She is dedicated to her husband and children.  Their son is 24 and their daughter is 20.

Valerie-Administration Assistant. A great asset to the practice for 21 years, Valerie enjoys greeting patients with a smile on her face. She makes them feel welcome and loves getting updated on their life events. She is happy to answer any questions about scheduling and HIPPA regulations. With previous retail experience, Valerie is an expert in customer service. She is a movie and trivia buff and an avid reader, toting her Nook everywhere she goes. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, ages 23 and 12.

Heather-Financial and Insurance Coordinator.  Heather has been an integral part of our practice since 2001. She began her career as a dental assistant, first in Virginia and then in Florida before coming to work for Dr. Carazola. She will gladly answer questions about insurance benefits, financial considerations, scheduling, and treatment. Heather is devoted to her husband and two children. When not at work, you will probably find her walking on the beach. She loves exploring new restaurants, listening to music, and watching her favorite TV shows.